Teacher Appointment Letter

Teacher Appointment Letter Template

We are glad to appoint you at the post of senior subject specialist. The decision has been made after join meeting of heads from all departments. All of the heads have strong belief in your efficiency and caliber and are certain that this appointment would prove fruitful for the institute. It’s not about institute…

Apology letter for stealing

Sample Apology letter for stealing

I am really very sorry for that all happened at your store last night. I am really sorry for that stealing incident being reported by your sales person. Tell you what; I can only apologize on that incident now as I have no excuse to offer.

Rental Agreement Letter

Rental Agreement Letter Template

There are lots of things that cannot just be owned by everyone at will and this is why we have made it easy. We are glad to inform you that your rental application has been approved here by our lease and rental department.

Admission Letter For Deferment

Sample Admission Letter For Deferment

We are glad to inform you all deferments that our college has finally enrolled you applicants for the coming course. There were different merits for morning and evening session classes. The morning session is always dealt at priority basis…

Marriage Leave Application

Marriage Leave Application Template

I am hereby forwarding you the leave request for 15 days. I am going to get married in the first week of the coming next. I have completed all of my assignments and there hardly remains anything unfinished at my work desk.

Graduation Announcement Letter

Graduation Announcement Letter Template

I am glad to inform you that my graduation ceremony will be held on the 20th of this January. It is indeed a matter of pleasure for me to graduate in the field of computer sciences. I hope this news will also enhance your spirit and will surely…

Baby Announcement Letter

Baby Announcement Letter Template

I am so much pleased to announce the news about the newly born baby. It is such pleasing news that words fell short to express my delight. I cannot just explain my feelings in words as I could not find the suitable ones to accomplish this task.

Business Apology Letter

Business Apology Letter Template

The business is all about exchange and I know the value of timely transfer and exchanges as well. I seriously apologize for the delay in delivery of ordered items. I understand the value of raw materials in production and understand the value of in time delivery of items.

Sorry Letter for Rude Behavior

Sorry Letter for Rude Behavior Template

I am really very sorry for the behavior I have shown at your shop. I feel really ashamed after that as my reaction was not so complacent at all. I have never really wanted to behave that way with such a nice person like you. I have in fact faced some real problematic traffic before reaching…

Charity Appeal Letter

Charity Appeal Letter Template

I hereby humbly appeal for the charity from your institute. I am widow and have to look after for three children. I was doing a job at software development house from last six months and was running my home matters. But due to bad economic circumstances the owners were require closing the company.

Unemployment appeal letter

Unemployment appeal letter Template

I have been applying in several agencies before I heard about your job agency. I am writing you on behalf of your public relation manager who is a good friend of my uncle. I have three year experience of working in information technology sector. I have been working as IT supervisor from last two years.

Job Application Letter

Job Application Letter Template

I am hereby writing on behalf of your advertisement being placed by your organization on 28-01-2012. I possess all necessary experience, expertise, skills and education required to fulfill the vacant post. I have worked as marketing executive at __________ for ___ years.

Scholarship Application Letter

Scholarship Application Letter Template

I am hereby writing you in relation to the advertisement you have placed in the daily newspaper. I qualify for the scholarship by meeting all set standards very cheaply. I have achieved all marks that are required to qualify for the scholarship program. I have achieved first class O level certificate and my form continue towards my graduation as well.

Director Appointment Letter

Director Appointment Letter Template

We are glad to inform you that you are selected for the post of director in the department of human resource management. I am finding it complacent to communicate that your previous record as a human resource manager is very, very impressive. You have indeed produced the precious human resource for this organization.