Admission Letter For Deferment

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On July 8, 2013
Last modified:May 3, 2016


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Dear ______________,

We are glad to inform you all deferments that our college has finally enrolled, you applicants for the coming course. There were different merits of morning and evening session classes. The morning session is always dealt at the priority basis, but that does not mean we were to delay provisional admissions. The evening session was always there for those who could not get admission for morning classes. We value those who chose to study at our college and always try our best to accommodate more and more applicants at our institute. You are therefore informed that you have been selected for evening classes here at our institute.

It is a matter of pleasure for us to inform our applicants that we have finally made arrangements for another bunch of applicants. Please be informed that you are required to provide feedback within a week after receiving this draft. Failure to provide feedback in this regard will be subject to cancellation of your admission. We are looking forward to hear from you soon in this regard. It will surely help us settle the things in time. Do not forget to carry all required documents at the time of admission as it will always be required as per admission rules.

Truly yours,

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