Apology letter for stealing

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On April 23, 2014
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Dear ______________,

I am really very sorry for that all happened at your store last night. I am really sorry for that stealing incident being reported by your sales person. Tell you what; I can only apologize on that incident now as I have no excuse to offer. But that did not happen deliberately. I have been in need of some edible items and that’s what derived me to purchase some items from your store. I have offered all items on the table of the cashier and he has handed over me the bill. I have paid the bill as usual and went towards the door the detector detected any unpaid items in the shopping bag. It was not my mistake and I have not picked any items on my way to exit door at all. It happened just by mistake of the cashier or bill man I think. I have paid for all items later by correcting the bill. But being detected at the exit door is a sorry matter for me also.

I felt ashamed for being stopped due to non-payment. I have explained the case here and sure that you would not take it ill. I am sure that this incident would not spoil our relations at all.

Truly yours,

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