Appreciation to an employee

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Dear ______________,

I am writing this letter in the light of the achievements you have made at the post of salesperson. I highly appreciate your efforts because it is never that easy to achieve the target well before time consistently for a year. I have worked at the same post before taking the charge of sales supervisor. I understand the value of sales and what it requires to sell a specific product. The market never remains the same for a particular product and it becomes even tough to perform in off season. It is never that easy to beat the competitor at consistent basis and get your job done in style. Your achievements are indeed amazing and unprecedented. I was impressed after seeing your report from your sales supervisor. I have forwarded your report to the head sales and marketing and we are looking forward to promote you to the post of sales supervisor. We would like you to lead a sales team and bring results for your organization.

I am also going to announce the bonus for sales person like you. You are also sorted for the sales person of the year and many other medals and bonuses are also waiting for you. I highly appreciate your efforts and hope that your performance will continue in the same fashion.

Truly yours,

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