Baby Announcement Letter

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On June 20, 2014
Last modified:May 3, 2016


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Dear ______________,

I am so much pleased to announce the news about the newly born baby. It is such pleasing news that words fell short to express my delight. I cannot just explain my feelings in words as I could not find the suitable ones to accomplish this task. I can only say that it is amazing to have babies at home, so cute so charming. You are not only informed about this matter, but also expected to make your presence at a baby shower event. The baby shower will be announced later after consulting all of the participating people. I have always dreamt to have a baby in the second year of my marriage and thanks to almighty God it has made my dreams come true. I can now have nice time with this little beauty now. I expect you people to take a tour of my home on the baby shower ceremony.

I am sure that you would not miss the opportunity to meet me and my baby. I know you would never like to miss any moment of enjoyment in any case. I would love to see you at the ceremony as your presence will certainly color the environment in beautiful form.

Truly yours,

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