Business Apology Letter

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On June 15, 2014
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Dear ______________,

The business is all about exchange and I know the value of timely transfer and exchanges as well. I seriously apologize for the delay in delivery of ordered items. I understand the value of raw materials in production and understand the value of on time delivery of items. I know it must have hurt you to some extent, but it is equally painful for me as well. I feel really sorry for that all as it is against our business practices. You know that we have never really delayed the items at all. Our business unit is known for on time delivery of raw items. We have proven record of servicing various production units for many years. Our two years experience with your company is also unprecedented, but we just fail to do it once more. Tell you what; that had not really happened because of our system. It was our supplier’s laziness that did it.

Your order has been processed as it has been processed in the past two years. But it could not just happen this time. We seriously apologize over this matter and ensure that it is not going to happen in the near future in any case.

Truly yours,

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