Charity Appeal Letter

Charity Appeal Letter Template

I hereby humbly appeal for the charity from your institute. I am widow and have to look after for three children. I was doing a job at software development house from last six months and was running my home matters. But due to bad economic circumstances the owners were require closing the company.

Unemployment appeal letter

Unemployment appeal letter Template

I have been applying in several agencies before I heard about your job agency. I am writing you on behalf of your public relation manager who is a good friend of my uncle. I have three year experience of working in information technology sector. I have been working as IT supervisor from last two years.

Medical aid appeal letter

Medical aid appeal letter Template

I am writing you on behalf of my sister who has been suffering from cancer from last couple of months or so. The first examination has revealed that the disease is at earliest phase and can be controlled if necessary steps are being taken in time.

Grievance Appeal Letter

Grievance Appeal Letter Template

I am writing you this letter on behalf of senior labors union. I am going to put some light on a matter that is in greater interest of this organization. It would not only solve our problems but also will ensure smooth working environment in the organization.

Property Tax Appeal Letter

Property Tax Appeal Letter Template

I am writing you in relation to the matter of tax payment. I have purchased a plot in 2011 and have paid the tax to the property dealer along with other payment. He has forwarded the tax to the concerned department and handed over the receipt to me.