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Dear ______________,

I am hereby writing on behalf of your advertisement being placed by your organization on 28-01-2016. I possess all necessary experience, expertise, skills and education required to fulfill the vacant post. I have worked as a marketing executive at __________ for ___ years. I have accomplished all marketing and sales related tasks comprehensively there. I have always been up to the mark and could meet my targets in sophisticated style. I have had record of meeting my targets and communicating the advertisement message as and when it was ordered. I have got excellent communication and analytical skills that make me fly horse of the field of marketing. I am sure that if I will be providing an opportunity to perform as marketing team leader I will surely make things happen in splendid style.

I have got team leader skills coupled with subtle style of management. I am certain that I will be able to drive the marketing team as a real time marketing leader. I can set an example with my personal performance as well. I have proven record of meeting my goals by accepting all challenges throughout my professional career. I will be looking forward to hear from you soon!

Truly yours,

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