Marriage Leave Application

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On June 4, 2013
Last modified:May 3, 2016


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Dear ______________,

I am hereby forwarding you the leave request for 15 days. I am going to get married in the first week of the coming next. I have completed all of my assignments and there hardly remains anything unfinished on my work desk. I am sure the leave will be granted to me after this as I know my organization values its employees. I have accomplished all of my tasks honestly before my departure and have left nothing incomplete in the current assignment. The complete report of the work is being provided to the senior manager marketing. I am ready to hand over the work to the substitute after the approval of this application. I am left with a few days to work with so I shall be really thankful to you if you allot me leave for my marriage. I have to complete many tasks related to my marriage and have very little time left to accomplish those tasks.

Please grant me leave for the above said period of time. I will be right back at work on or before the due date. I know my responsibilities and would not dart away in non-professional style. Please gift me a leave package on my marriage and it will be a real fine gift from a senior on this occasion. I will be waiting for your feedback!

Truly yours,

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