Teacher Appointment Letter

Teacher Appointment Letter Template

We are glad to appoint you at the post of senior subject specialist. The decision has been made after join meeting of heads from all departments. All of the heads have strong belief in your efficiency and caliber and are certain that this appointment would prove fruitful for the institute. It’s not about institute…

Donor Appreciation Letter

Donor Appreciation Letter Template

The money is earned by many people as there are many millionaires and billionaires in the world. But it is interesting to know that how many of them are used to spend some of that money on their fellow beings. How many of them render it in charity for the social well-being.

Travel Authorization Letter

Travel Authorization Letter Template

I hereby authorize you to give let to my daughter for traveling along with my brother __ brother name here __. I know that she require traveling to Seattle this month in order to attend the marriage ceremony of my cousin. We all are gathering there for participation. I could have visited her college…

Letter of Authorization

Letter of Authorization Template

I hereby authorize Mr. Chaplin to take care of all of my cash flows during my tour to Washington. I understand the risks associated with this decision and have sorted the matte out in this regard. I know Mr. Chaplin personally and sure that he will perform his duties honestly.

Tender Acceptance Letter

Tender Acceptance Letter Template

We are pleased to inform you that we have selected you for the future service project. Our company has accepted you tender for the future service project and are waiting for your feedback. We will be looking forward to hear from you soon. We have always preferred real time professionals for the accomplishment of our tasks.

Agreement Letter

Agreement Letter Template

We are glad to have an agreement with a prestigious organization like that of yours. We have always had arrangements with an organization of high caliber. But it was a tough choice this time around as there were close contests going on in the market.

Apology letter for stealing

Sample Apology letter for stealing

I am really very sorry for that all happened at your store last night. I am really sorry for that stealing incident being reported by your sales person. Tell you what; I can only apologize on that incident now as I have no excuse to offer.

Medical aid appeal letter

Medical aid appeal letter Template

I am writing you on behalf of my sister who has been suffering from cancer from last couple of months or so. The first examination has revealed that the disease is at earliest phase and can be controlled if necessary steps are being taken in time.

Rental Agreement Letter

Rental Agreement Letter Template

There are lots of things that cannot just be owned by everyone at will and this is why we have made it easy. We are glad to inform you that your rental application has been approved here by our lease and rental department.