Scholarship Application Letter

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Dear ______________,

I am hereby writing you in relation to the advertisement you have placed in the daily newspaper. I qualify for the scholarship by meeting all set standards very cheaply. I have achieved all marks that are required to qualify for the scholarship program. I have achieved first class O level certificate and my form continue towards my graduation as well. I continued to perform well at my A levels and gained good marks there too. I have achieved first division throughout my academic career. It was not the academic career where I have performed, but I was equally good at leading the school as well college basketball team. I graduated from Kentucky University in the year 2015 in good marks. I however could not continue my education due to lack of resources. This scholarship program is certainly a ray of hope for me and I can perform once again onto my potential if I have provided an opportunity to get entrance into a master’s program.

I am committed to perform well at my master’s levels as well and have got the skills and knowledge to do that. I am sure you would consider my application and would surely reward me with a scholarship. I will be really thankful to you for this act of kindness.

Truly yours,

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