Sorry Letter for Rude Behavior

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On June 10, 2014
Last modified:May 3, 2016


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Dear ______________,

I am really very sorry for the behavior I have shown in your shop. I feel really ashamed after that as my reaction was not so complacent at all. I have never really wanted to behave that way with such a nice person like you. I have in fact faced some real problematic traffic before reaching at your shop and have had quarrel with a traffic warden as well. The stiffness in my mood continued till I reach at your shop. I could not just tolerate a mere joke and got burst. I could not just think wisely about that point and could not control my emotions at all. The things went wayward after some harsh words exchange. I could not just control my flow and things went in real wrong way. I would have never really behaved in that way had I been in control of my emotions.

I apologize for that rudeness once more and hope that you would not take it that ill. I am sure you would forgive me for my folly and will accommodate me in the future. I shall be taking a tour of your residence at the start of the very next week. I hope you will receive me smiling.

Truly yours,

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