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On May 10, 2014
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Dear ______________,

We are glad to appoint you at the post of senior subject specialist. The decision has been made after join meeting of heads from all departments. All of the heads have strong belief in your efficiency and caliber and are certain that this appointment would prove fruitful for the institute. It’s not about institute alone, we are keenly interested in the grooming of children going through the first phase of their O level. I am sure that you would also be having an eye on the matter. I do not think someone can prove a better replica of you as you have got all that can be required to play a vital role at this post. The students are going through the grooming period without any exaggeration and they cannot find someone better than you. You have got the disciplined personality coupled with subtle and unique professional style. I am sure that this link will prove more than just fruitful not only for the institute but also for the students of this organization.

I am sure that you would pay attention to every single matter related to the grooming and upbringing of the students of senior classes. Your appointment as a senior subject specialist will surely raise the bar of the entire senior section.

Truly yours,

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