Unemployment appeal letter

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On May 30, 2014
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Dear ______________,

I have been applying in several agencies before I heard about your job agency. I am writing you on behalf of your public relations manager who is a good friend of my uncle. I have three years experience of working in the information technology sector. I have been working as IT supervisor from last two years. But the recession period made me lose my job. I have applied for various posts since then, but not finding the correct match against my skills and knowledge. I have been offered jobs from several organizations, but their offers could not really attract me. I am looking for a career oriented post elsewhere at a real professional organization. I have got the experience, knowledge and skills to perform at expert level anywhere in IT sector.

I shall be really thankful to you if you could manage a job for me in this regard. I am hereby sending you all relevant documents along with relevant details so that you may be able to work on my application. It will indeed be a matter of real pleasure for me to have a job in my desired discipline. I shall be looking forward to receive some feedback from your side.

Truly yours,

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